What's GNS?

Gnoswap Token ($GNS) serves as the utility token that forms the foundation of the Gnoswap ecosystem. Its primary role lies in facilitating the coordination and alignment of stakeholders' interests to promote sustainable liquidity incentivization and uphold the long-term vision of the Gnoswap platform.



Gnoswap Token



Token Standard


Path (Contract Address)

(To be updated)

Total Supply

1,000,000,000 GNS

Use cases

  • The Primary Quote Currency: Paired with most tokens available on Gnoswap, $GNS serves as the primary quote currency across Gnoswap, meaning that it can facilitate trades of tokens without having direct pools.

  • Position Staking Incentives: $GNS block emissions are directed towards position staking pools as incentives for LPs. These rewards are designed to offset the impermanent loss that LPs may experience, while also attracting them to contribute liquidity, ensuring the deep liquidity of the platform.

  • Governance: $GNS can be paired with $GNOT and staked to earn voting power on proposals submitted to Gnoswap Governance, enabling community members to actively participate in the governance of the Gnoswap platform.

  • Pool Creation Fee: Users are required to pay a one-time fee of $GNS when creating a new pool. This mechanism aims to prevent pools containing malicious or harmful tokens from overflooding the Gnoswap platform.

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