Why Gnoswap?

Gnoswap is committed to bringing censorship-resistant, non-custodial, and secure financial infrastructure to Gnoland, a performant, developer-friendly layer 1 powered by the GnoVM and Tendermint2, poised to serve as a secure hub for smart contracts. As its first DEX, Gnoswap specializes in seamless liquidity sourcing and exchange of tokens on Gnoland, offering the following key value propositions:

Deep Liquidity

The AMM of Gnoswap adopts concentrated liquidity, which enables liquidity providers to select a price range only in which their liquidity will be active. This allows for higher capital efficiency – up to a maximum of 20,000x compared to traditional AMMs such as the Constant Product Market Maker (CPMM), resulting in significantly more liquid markets for traders. Multiple incentivization schemes exist on Gnoswap including liquidity mining and external rewards to ensure continuous liquidity provision.


Gnoswap is native to Gnoland, built from the ground up in Gnolang. This implies that Gnoswap fully benefits from the advantages of Gnoland such as high performance, transparency, interoperability, and simplicity – all of which are vital to building a reliable decentralized financial infrastructure. In addition, smart contracts that power Gnoswap are seamlessly composable with other DeFi applications on Gnoland, opening up possibilities for other projects to leverage or build upon the liquidity of Gnoswap.

Intuitive & User-Centric Interface

Gnoswap is designed to streamline the user experience by abstracting away the complexity involved in liquidity provision and staking. Each element of the web application has been carefully shaped to make the interface as intuitive and informative as possible. Additionally, to facilitate a simple onboarding experience for new users, Gnoswap provides step-by-step visual guides that cover everything users need to know in order to maximize the platform's potential. For advanced traders, Gnoswap provides an extensive and comprehensive pool of real-time information about behaviors and stats of tokens and pools to help analyze the market.

Flexible & Customizable

Gnoswap is designed to offer flexibility to both traders and liquidity providers. Swaps on Gnoswap are automatically routed through multiple pools, removing the need for traders to manually perform multiple swaps to obtain the desired token as the output. Liquidity pools on Gnoswap allow liquidity providers to customize the fee tier and the price range, enabling the optimization of pool configurations based on the expected behavior of assets within each pool.


Gnoswap aims to provide a secure exchange platform for anyone. Unlike centralized exchanges, none of the tokens on Gnoswap are stored in a wallet controlled by a single entity. Instead, Gnoswap is completely non-custodial, where tokens for providing liquidity are kept in smart contracts which only the depositor has access to, and the balance of traders always remains in their own wallets. Furthermore, Gnoswap is a decentralized protocol, meaning that it is owned and governed by $GNS holders who earn their share of the platform by contributing to its liquidity.

Vision Driven

Gnoswap was launched with a vision to achieve complete decentralization of finance by harnessing the power of Gnoland. As a part of our commitment, we are building the Gnoswap AMM as the base layer that will serve as the de facto liquidity infrastructure of Gnoland, and expanding upon that foundation to build advanced features that will bring advanced financial primitives such as leveraged trading and perpetual futures, inviting anyone to own and operate customizable liquidity pools with any tokens.

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